CDC U8 to U10


The CDC is for ALL players of ALL levels in the categories U5 (2016) to U12 (2009). The mission of this program is to train the young athletes of the club and to ensure that each player is able to develop their technical skills in a healthy and fun environment. In order to ensure the safety of children and to maximize the amount of attention given to each player, Soccer Canada has established a minimum educator/player ratio. Educators must be certified and are supervised by our technical staff. To learn more about a CDC, please follow this link
Club Development Center.

Please choose from the following offers for categories U8 - U9 - U10.(Click on the picture to get more information). 
Option # 1 - 1x week
Option # 2 - 2x week
Winter league
To participate in the Winter League, you must be registered in a CDC activity.

For the cost and schedule, you can click on the picture. We have a limited number of places of 36 per category and all registrations are now done online through the site and not in person. We have the option of paying by e-transfer or by credit card (we've included a split payment plan if needed). No in-person registration will be accepted due to the limited number of places.

Here is the split payments plan:
Upon registration: 25% of the balance
2020-11-27: 30% of the balance
2021-01-29: 25% of the balance
2021-03-05: 20% of the balance

For Interac transfer:
You must send your Interac transfer to the following email:
Question: Club name
Password: Spatial


If you combine a FUTSAL activity with a CDC activity, you will receive a $ 50 discount on the balance.

Olivier Ford

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