House league registration

For first time players and returning players who last played in St-Hubert

Internet On-line Registrations:  Follow these three easy steps to complete your registration.

1) Click here for information and applicable fees

2) Click here for Instruction of "How to process the inscription on-line"

3) And finally, Click here to process the inscription in PTS       

New this year

1)  Category U3 (born in 2016) 

              * Registration accepted ONLY in the office

2)  Mixed Adult  League - Local

               * Complete and sign the registration form and process payment in the office

If the last club for which you have played is not the Club de soccer de St-Hubert, you must register in person at the Club’s office located 4680 Quévillon, St-Hubert J3Y 2V2 (Centre Quévillon)

    Catégorie Joueur
Date Plage horaire 1 2 3 4
Samedi 13 avril 14h30 - 15h05 U4F(gr1) X X X
Samedi 13 avril 15h15 - 16h00 U5F(gr1) X X X
Dimanche 14 avril 14h00 - 14h40 U4M(gr1) U4M(gr2)  U7M (gr1) U7M (gr2)
Dimanche 14 avril 14h50 - 15h30 U5M(gr1) U5M(gr2) U7M (gr3)  U7M (gr4) 
Dimanche 14 avril 15h40 -16h20 U5M(gr3) U5M(gr4) U7-U8F(gr1) U7-U8F(gr2)
Dimanche 14 avril 16h30 - 17h10 U6F(gr1) U6F(gr2)  U7-U8F(gr3) U7-U8F(gr4) 
Dimanche 14 avril 17h20 - 18h00 U6M(gr1) U6M(gr2) U8M (gr1) U8M (gr2)
Dimanche 14 avril 18h10 - 18h50 U6M(gr3) U6M(gr4)  U8M (gr3) U8M (gr4) 
Dimanche 14 avril 19h05 - 19h50 U12F (gr1) U9M (gr1) U9M (gr2) 
Dimanche 14 avril 20h00- 20h50 U12F (gr2) (4) U9-U10F(gr1) U9-U10F(gr2) 
Lundi 15 avril 19h00 - 19h40 U13-U14F (gr1) (1)
Lundi 15 avril 19h45 - 20h30  
Mercredi 17 avril 18h00 - 18h55 U13-U14M (gr1)
Mercredi 17 avril 19h00 - 19h55 U13-U14M (gr2) 
Mercredi 24 avril 18h00 - 18h55 U10M (gr1) U10M (gr2)    
Mercredi 24 avril 19h00 - 19h55 U10M (gr3)       
Vendredi 26 avril 19h30 - 20h25 U12M (gr1) U12M (gr3) 
Vendredi 26 avril 20h35 - 21h30 U12M (gr2)  
Samedi 27 avril 14h30 - 15h05 U3 1/2 X X X
Samedi 27 avril 15h15 - 16h00 U3 1/2 X X X
The season begins - May 27, 2019
Click here for the nights each age category will be playing


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