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The PLSQ officially becomes the Ligue1 Québec! Quebec's semi-pro league follows in the footsteps of its Ontario and British Columbia counterparts with this new identity under the leadership of @League1Canada

About the Ligue1 Québec

The Ligue1 Québec is a semi-professional soccer league founded in 2012 under the leadership of Soccer Québec. Affiliated with Canada Soccer, the league is the highest division in Quebec and is recognized as a Division 3 level in Canada. It was composed of 12 teams in its men's and women's divisions last season. The LIGUE1 women's division is behind the U.S.-based National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) (Division I). 

League1 Canada, an entity owned and operated by Canadian Soccer Business, began operations in March 2022 in partnership with Soccer Quebec, BC Soccer and Ontario Soccer, with the goal of unifying, aligning and developing semi-professional Division 3 soccer. The change of identity from the QLSP to the Ligue1 Québec was initially announced at the launch of the Ligue1 Canada activities.

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