Summer CDC U8-U12


The CDC is for ALL players of ALL levels in the categories U8 (2016) to U12 (2012). The mission of this program is to train the young athletes of the club and to ensure that each player is able to develop their technical skills in a healthy and fun environment. To learn more about the CDC, please follow this link to our Club Development Center.

Objectives U8 to U10

  • TECHNICAL; Maintaining the basic technical skills (passing, driving, shooting, dribbling)
  • TACTICAL; Teach children to collaborate with each other in the context of a game
  • PHYSICAL; Develop the basic elements of movement (agility, coordination, speed, and balance)
  • SOCIAL; Continue to encourage their confidence in ball possession and increase the ease of playing with partners
  • MENTAL; Encourage and develop decision making

Objectives U11 and U12

  • TECHNICAL; Develop a variety of skills through different exercises in a reduced format and in the form of games.
  • TACTICAL; Teach children to collaborate with each other in the context of playing
  • PHYSICAL; To work on motor skills (agility, coordination, speed and balance)
  • SOCIAL; Learn to communicate and interact with their teammates
  • MENTAL; Develop the pleasure of playing and the desire to learn in a safe environment.

Please choose from the following offers for categories U8 to U12. Each option includes a calendar of games.
Option #1 - CDC1 = 1 practice per week + a game
Option #2 - CDC2 = 2 practices per week + a game
Option #3 - CDC3 = 3 practices per week + a game

Start of activities:
 CDC 2 + 3 U9 to U12: April 17       U8: April 29 
      CDC 1 U9 to U12: May 13       U8: May 16

End of activities:
CDC 2 & 3: 
September 22     CDC 1 + U8 CDC 2: Week of August 26

Affiliation and administration fees of 75$ are included in the prices above and are non-refundable as of the first session or May 1 of the current year. The prices above reflect inscriptions made after March 31. 

What is included with your registration?

  • Complete uniform (shirt, shorts, socks, and a ball). 
  • Participation medal
  • 12 to 16 matches depending on registration, CDC 1 play their games on weekdays every week starting from the end of May until the 24 of August. Players registered CDC 2 or 3 will play their games either on weekdays or weekends Weekend matches are played over 8 weekends, with 2 games in the morning. 
    Here's the schedule for weekend games only.
  • For CDC1, the first 2 weeks are in the form of 'Street Soccer', we will try to evaluate the groups to ensure a balance in the teams.
  • There are no activities on the National Day of Quebec (June 24) or during the construction vacations (July 21 to August 4).

The schedule will be published online and sent to the parents before the season begins. The games will be played in various fields in the city of St-Hubert or other cities. The players must have their shin guards at each session as well as proper soccer shoes (with cleats), the players will not be accepted on the field without these items. They are not provided by the club, therefore, you must purchase them yourself.

We need volunteers for each team, if you are interested, please send your name to [email protected] or register yourself online, there is no fee to become an educator.

If your child is a new player who has never participated in a soccer club, you have to register them as a new participant in the platform.
If your child has played soccer before and the St-Hubert Soccer Club is NOT their previous club, you must send an email to [email protected] with the child's name and date of birth so that we can transfer your child into our system. 

Payment methods accepted

The CS St-Hubert accepts the following payment methods:

  • Electronic e-transfer
  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

Here are the instructions for an E-Transfer;

You must send your transfer to the following email address: [email protected]
In the question field, write the name of the club: CS St-Hubert
In the password field, write: Spatial
In the comment section, if possible, write the name of the player

Note: You must pay all fees to Club de Soccer St-Hubert in Canadian dollars. With the new platform, the service fee is now included in the price of the activity.

Payment must be made no later than May 1 for all CDC 1 players. No information will be sent for unpaid registrations. CDC 2 or 3 players have the choice of paying their balance in full or in instalments up to June 1. The dates have been predetermined at the time of registration and the amounts will be debited from your credit cards on the same day. If payment is not received at the indicated date, the child will be refused access to the field and will not be able to participate in activities.

Refund Policy


Consult our tutorial if you need help with registration or the videos below. The videos are currently only in french for the moment.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify the activities planned in the program. This may include a change of educators or locations. An insufficient number or excess of registrations or any other fortuitous event can also cause the cancellation of an activity or cause changes in location, schedule, price, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.
[email protected]

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